Absolutely a Five Star Hotel Cleaning Result

Hotel housekeeping is not an easy daily routine and sometimes requires a great effort, time and cleaning cost. Considering the size of a hotel along with its several guestrooms, restrooms, and other facilities like cafe, bar and restaurant, swimming pool and spa, sports and entertainment, it is impossible to have it cleaned in less time by using only the traditional cleaning method. What hotels need is a fast, effective and versatile cleaning solution.

A very important piece of cleaning equipment that every hotel should have is a vapor steam cleaner that can respond to its various cleaning needs in an environmentally friendly way of cleaning without the use of chemicals.

Vapor steam is an answer for all the hotels hardest cleaning requirements. Once a superheated high quality steam is produce, it will absolutely give a solution for a quick efficient cleaning and disinfection of most surfaces from grout and tile, hard floors and carpets, walls and ceilings, bathroom, kitchen and equipment restoration, to bed mattresses and upholstery cleaning.

Hotel maintenance and housekeeping made easy with vapor steam cleaner. With the power of steam, vapor steam cleaner will do a seemingly incredulous job to every surface in no time at all.

Floors and Carpet Cleaning. Remove gum and hardest stains from carpets, grease and even wax. Speed mop floors such as linoleum, vinyl, hardwood and marble floors leaving the surfaces dry within minutes.

Wall and Ceilings Cleaning. Quickly clean and remove stains, mold and mildew, nicotine and tar residue from painted walls, wallpaper and ceilings without using a ladder to reach it. Clean mini blinds without mess and drips. Vapor steam cleaner remove wrinkles, dirt and odors, dry steam and freshen drapes as well.

Bed Mattresses and Upholstery Cleaning. Clean and sanitize bedding and mattresses, pillows and curtains too. Vapor steam kills dust mites, bed bugs and many known allergens. Can remove spots and stains, gum and odor from upholstery making it new and fresh again.

Kitchen Cleaning. Remove heavy grease off the floor, walls, range hoods, ovens and kitchen equipment. Cleans grills and eliminate dirt, stains and food build-ups. Detail and sanitize every kitchen area from floor, wall, ceiling, fixtures, machinery, tools and equipment.

Bathroom Cleaning. Sanitize and clean sinks, fixtures and toilets, tiles and grout. Get rid of soap scum on shower walls and doors without scrubbing. Eliminate mold and mildew easily. Remove years of dirt from grout.

Other Cleaning Uses. Clean elevators inside and out. Remove molds and mildews from pool and spa areas easier and faster. Detail and sanitize restaurant, bars and cafe.

Vapor steam cleaner is safe, powerful and effective. Steam cleaning will save time, labour costs, and easily cut expenditure on chemical cleaners with a definite five-star hotel result.